Thursday, 8 March 2012

Leather back .. new dominant species graffiti custom figure

     This is the first of 3 new additions to my Dominant Species custom figures.. I'll post about the other 2 soon, (I still need to do the sketches they'll come with.)
     This is Leatherback, wounded in battle, he had his arm pulled off, but don't worry it will grow back...He used to be an Incredible Hulk figure who was  missing an arm already,he was given to me by a friend..After hours of work, he is now the biggest member of the crew with the most muscle..
     Complete with the base he stands on showing the remains of his last opponent, this figure stands 19cm tall..He isn't fixed onto the base, and can be posed in a number of ways.. His knees and waist can be positioned, along with his one remaining arm...

Leatherback has just been added to my STORE for £89.00  plus postage..



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