Saturday, 3 March 2012

YOUNG AT HEART - new doctored Pre-Graffalite Sigismund Goetze vs Hoakser

This is my newest addition to my doctored paintings , Pre Graffalites portfolio..Now titled "Young at Heart", I painted this over an old framed print of a painting originally by Sigisimund Goetze.. It was printed and mounted on some sort of hardboard,that was framed behind frosted glass...The pictures I took on my phone below didn't come out too good, but this is how it looked the night I took it apart and started work.
It took quite a few sessions to build up the layers and it changed quite a few times. It was quite difficult making that much mess and not getting any on her.. She's only got the colours on her clothes that she used on the wall herself.. 

With these paintings, I like to mix fine art and vandalism...Or at least try and paint graffiti that looks like it might  belong there...

When this youngster found a can on her way home through an alley way, instinct took over and she had to have a go.. It's o.k though she only drew hearts, made a mess of her hat and dress, and wrote the word LOVE... so she's not a vandal yet....right?

This piece is 53cm tall and 37cm wide (in its frame) .Which is the original one it came in.I re-sprayed it in matt black and painted the title badge in silver.. Its an engraved badge that reads GUYSON
Sigisimund Goetze 
(b 1886)
This piece is now up for sale from HERE.. for £120.00 or a near offer...Prints will be available soon.. Thanks for looking...

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