Monday, 23 April 2012

Rusty Rooz defaced munny custom

   This Rusty Rooz was painted with spraypaint and acrylics after adding textures.I did this by melting a nozzle over him, scuffing him up and cutting him until he had the worn look I wanted.
   He comes with the canvas, which like my other similar customs before him " the abandonned munny" and "the derelict rooz" illustrate a point about graffiti.. In the right environment and setting, a rusty vandalised surface seems more acceptable to some than this being on a building or public space..
   This little guy is covered in my tags, some KR tags and the odd kidrobot scrawl..The canvas was given the same treatment and the Rooz, with added texture and tags, he almost looks camouflaged when stood in front of it...

This custom has been added to my store on a 7 day auction, starting at just 99p.. I find it interesting to see how many people like this sort of graffiti. Although not as appealing as the more artistic side of our artform, it is still important, and is the foundation for all graffiti artists.. This side of graffiti isn't for everyone! If this is for you, and you'd like to join in on the auction and maybe grab yourself an original bargain, click HERE..
Auctions ends on the 29th April at 22:01..

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