Tuesday, 24 April 2012

HMQ CUSTOMS now available from fugi.me

   I'm a little late in posting about this, but better late than never.. Last week saw the final steps to an exhibition I was involved in, which was put together and organised by Daniel Perry.. The HEAVY METAL QEE project was a collection of 30 artists, each given a Qee platform to customise into their own interpretation of Heavy Metal...Unfortunately I couldn't attend the show, which was at Forbidden Planet London, but there are plenty of photographs and a video to check out in the HMQ gallery.. It looked like a really good night and a huge success!! See for yourself!
   All customs created for this event are being sold, and proceeds raised will be given to the Garden House Hospice.. To get your hands on one of these 30 customs, and to give to a charity at the same time, head on over to FUGI.ME..  
    Dan also made a really nice book dedicated to the HMQ show, which you can get at FUGI.ME.  Only 100 printed, so head over there quick and grab one.They are 64 pages deep, each artist has their own spread, with pictures and information about their customs...The books look amazing! and I can't wait to get mine.. Dan was nice enough to get one signed for me at the event.. (Thanks Dan! and to all who signed it!).

   HEAVY METAL MICKQEE was the custom I made..Based on Iron Maiden's Eddie and Disney's Mickey Mouse, both of which I liked as a kid..He is up for grabs for £120.00 from the fugi.me store . with the rest of the HMQ gang..


Massive props, thanks and well done to Dan for putting this together and making it a success! And a big high five to all the other artists involved too!!

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