Monday, 7 May 2012

WU TANG HOODIES CUSTOM 2nd chamber remix..

   This is a handpainted custom Hoodies vinyl, designed by the creator of the Boondocks, Carl Jones..
After scoring 5 blanks a few weeks back, one of which I have kept to sculpt onto, this is the last one I had left after customizing the other 3..

The first was also a WuTang custom- which has been sold, followed by a DefJam and Hieroglyphics model - which are still available..

    I decided to make this another Wu custom as the last proved to be popular..
This is the 2nd chamber remix- keeping with the Wu theme, this guy has the Wu logo painted in a yellowy gold across his chest, and is signed by me on his rucksack..

He is for sale, a few people asked for first refusal if I made a next Wu custom.. I will give those people a chance to express an interest before posting him up for sale.. If you would like to make an offer, feel free to!

This post will be updated, if and when he goes up for sale..

Thanks for looking...


  1. dude ..make me one of these NOW pay u on collection .....POW!

    1. hahaa..cheers can buy this one if you want.. You were in mind for the first refusal anyway!!

  2. Your 'like' button doesnt seem to work.
    Ill post it on my Facebook. I know a few Wu affiliates who might be interested.

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