Monday, 7 May 2012

Double Standards - glossy vandalised Rooz custom

   I've just finished this custom, complete with mini canvas and easel, painted with spraypaints and paint markers, then triple coated with gloss lacquer, giving this an almost polished finish....
   This is the Double Standards Rooz, covered in tags and throwups, paint splats and drips - to some, the most un appealing side of graffiti.. When this gets put onto canvas, it looses some of its negative conotations and becomes more acceptable as art?.I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I just find it interesting...This will always confuse me, in a good way.. I have painted other customs before to illustrate this point - (the abandonned munny, derelict rooz, and the rusty rooz) and have a few more that are half finished, coming soon!

 This little dude has just been added to my store, if you like him, you can take a closer look HERE..

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