Thursday, 21 June 2012


   Thought I'd post this custom up as I couldn't find the time last week.This is Eyesore, some of you may have seen him on and on last week..
   I made this by sculpting some features on him, keeping in mind a comment Trustpigs wrote about the previous  "Gammy". I decided to add more texture to the un-touched vinyl, so the textures didn't clash so much, which was what I think he wasn't keen on..That lead me to think about making it more like my textured tagged up "Vandalised Vinyls" like the (Rusty rooz, Abandoned munny and a few others) but with some features..And so "Eyesore" was born..
  He does have sore runny eyes, and a graffiti canvas with a throwup reading HOEKS..Some people might argue that this sort of graffiti on a building would be an eyesore..Lucky for them it's not!

He's been sculpted,textured,painted and lacquered,then given tears and dribble and is available from my Bigcartel store..Priced at £48.00 plus postage..

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