Monday, 25 June 2012

SLOBLIFE2 - custom kidrobot trikky

"Sloblife2" is my latest finished custom..He's very similar to the recent "Sloblife". who you may remember..This version has a slightly cleaner look about him and different screen slides, but the biggest difference is a rotatable head, something the first version didn't have!

Sloblife 2 has 9 screens to change between, one of which is blank and can be used to write on, or used as a template to cut around any picture that can slide into it's place...Which one would you choose to display?
The first Sloblife seemed to get a good response and sold quite fast... you can read about him in Spankystokes's blog post, and on the Man-e-Toys website too..

Like the first version, he's been finely melted and cut, adapted, sculpted, sanded, painted and lacquered and is a unique signed custom, complete with free man boobs and butt cheeks..
He's about to go on sale... check the shop page here.. which will be live at 6:00pm U.K time,  on the 26th June.. 

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