Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dragons custom toy show - Burny the Dragon Kidrobot Kracka

  Burny the Dragon was created by me for the Dragons Custom Toy Show which will be held at the Sho Gallery in Cardiff on the 18th August... For more information and to see the rest of the amazing customs being produced by people, check out the Dragons blog here.. The line up of artists is massive, and the work being produced is next level.. All customs will be auctioned after the show via the internet and proceeds raised will go to a Diabetes charity...

I sculpted onto the original Kracka I was sent with air dry clay, and used bits of an old broken toy to make the spikey spine and wings by melting and cutting them into place..The textures were made with a nozzle, and  the grip of a screwdriver handle I had nearby.. I didn't plan this out before I started.. it was a steady progression, made up as I went along.. 

 Below is a quick video my mate Simon put together for me, with photographs taken during the build and paintjob. Enjoy!!

I'll keep you updated once Burny and all the other amazing Dragons customs go up for auction..

Anyone attending the show on the night, could get their hands on a free goody bag too.. Andy has put together 25 for the first who find him and ask for one..So I sent down some laminated, signed, numbered prints to include in the mix..

Big thanks to Andy for getting me involved and all the hard work he's put into making this happen, and props to all the artists involved too!