Wednesday, 11 July 2012


 A few weeks back one of these cool looking desktop sculptures called "The Worryknot" was sent to me,  to do my thing on for a new on-line store based in Cardiff, called The Projects..
Specializing in one off collectables, art prints and clothing, my latest custom will soon be available from there..

This was a very cool opportunity for me, as there were only ever 10 of these made.. Created by the legendary Stu Witter and Jon Burgerman originally in 2007, they eventually surfaced this year, some 5 years later, with both artists separated by 3465 miles, the Worryknot represents the anxiety in artistic collaboration, and made a very interesting piece to paint..

I approached this like a few of my latest vandalised vinyl customs.. I tried to keep the colours fairly muted, but still have loads going on, hopefully making this already cool piece, even more interesting to look at.. Sort of like a camouflage that doesn't take away from the details of the original sculpt..

The "Urban Worryknot" has been weathered and given a polluted, rusty look, covered in layers of tags and grime, with acrylics, markers and spraypaint before being gloss lacquered leaving a nice contrasting shine.

This was fun to paint, a bit tricky at times too with so much going on, but I'm happy with how it turned out..I gave shout outs to Stu and Jon too whilst painting..I hope they don't mind!!
Big thanks to The Projects too for getting me involved!!

As mentioned before, this piece will only be available from THE PROJECTS...  details of when, and for how much still to be confirmed..
Make sure you let one of us know if you'd like the details, so we can keep you informed...
I imagine it will be quite soon!!!

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