Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Veteran - new Dominant Species figure graffiti custom

    The Veteran is my latest custom, made from a broken figure who was already missing an arm.. I think it was a Gears of War figure?, with loads of articulation and detail, I'm glad my friends son Jordan didn't throw this in the bin!! It was given to me to do my thing on and is now ..The Veteran, an ambidextrous battle damaged graffiti soldier who feels no pain..

   After some sculpting, burning, battled damaging, adapting, painting and wiring he started to take shape..His arm in a pool of blood is set on clear plastic and can be positioned wherever, and the figure despite the loss of a limb, has 11points of articulation and can be posed in loads of ways.. He also comes with a shotgun, which fits nicely into his hand with his finger on the trigger.. Below is a picture overload to show some of the details this figure has..

Due to the quality of the original figure, this is a well weighted, well made toy, with loads of moveable parts and possible poses.. He stands well on his own, and can be posed in so many ways I couldn't possibly photograph them all... I can't take any credit for any of the movement as I didn't make it.. I only used my imagination and skills, saved a toy from the bin, and turned him into something that will either sit in my display cabinet, or hopefully in a collectors..
This one of a kind figure will be up for grabs from my store soon... Details to be announced..Watch this space!

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