Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My first resin pieces . masked man mini spraycans by hoakser

Each figure stands 9.5cm tall and is a solid white resin replica of one of my original sculpts of the maskedman..
The maskedman is my most known and used character, I've painted and drawn him on so many surfaces with loads of different mediums over the I had to use him for my first run.. There will only be 20 of these available, some of which have already sold..Available from my bigcartel shop priced at £12.00 plus postage

I would love to see some of these customized... so there will also be a small competition to win some of my artwork early next year..more details will be sent to the 20 buyers, and announced on my website very soon!! 

This figure will be ready for dispatch by December 12th and will come packaged in a clear bag with an art card header and a small unique laminated print which will be signed and included with each piece...
More pictures will be added soon!! Thanks to everyone who has already bought one on "Pre-Order"..yours will be sent first!

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