Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Last 4 left.. handcast resin pieces.. the maskedman custom competition..

Happy New year!!

   The last few months of 2012 were hectic at hoakser hq..thanks to everyone who ordered some of my work to give as a Christmas present to a loved one..You kept me busy with orders right up until Christmas eve..I'll post a few of pics up later...

    I was able to learn how to create my first ever resin piece in November but due to how busy I was with work and orders..mostly away from a computer..I wasn't able to advertise them to well..I'm pleased to say though of the 20 pieces made..there's just 4 left..So thankyou to those of you who bought one..

To make it a little more interesting, and because I wanted to see my character painted up/customised differently by you...I decided to make this a competition you could enter..

Some of you have already said you'd rather keep the figure white and in it's packaging...which is fine.. you don't have to paint them...But if you do.. or if you send an image in of your figure..you could possibly win some artwork, and  one of my next resin pieces..

I've already recieved pics of the first custom by PinkyPunkyMonkey, who made the first maskedwoman..complete with hat, hair and eyelashes...Thanks!! pics will be posted up soon!

There are still 4 left at the moment.. so if you want to grab one..and maybe enter.. you can find them in my Bigcartel store...

 Deadline for image submitions --- Valentines Day February 2013

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