Monday, 11 March 2013

Custom Kidrobot Trikky Devil "Doobs"

"Doobs" is my latest custom Kidrobot Trikky.. Complete with manboobs/devilboobs (doobs)  and tail, a little 3 pronged weapon that was fashioned in the fires of Hoakser Hq, and a base for him to stand on, he's just been unleashed into my store and will be available tomorrow Tuesday 12th March by 6:00 pm GMT..

He's priced at an evil £66.66 plus postage from my Bigcartel store...He stands freely balanced by the tail I made and isn't attached to the base he stands on.. Below are some shots of him being made..I used Miliput to sculpt onto him and the weapon was made with a salvaged broken scalpel handle, a toy part for the center blade held together by the sculpted 2 prongs..

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