Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Evil Origami custom "UNFOLD"

  This is a custom Evil Origami which was created by ALTO and DMS.. Now heavily vandalized..this piece will be available and on show at Toycon 

Titled "Unfold" this sharp pointy little vandalized vinyl demonstrates how mindless vandalism can still create something pleasing to the eye.. Taken out of it's natural setting, graffiti can cause and provoke all kinds of reactions.. Some of you ARE meant to hate how he looks.. Others will maybe find him interesting and different...The POINT is I still got up, and I also put up the creators Alto and DMS on the figure and on the custom made background base.

I really enjoyed working on this toy.. As a blank white pointy canvas it looked cool enough...Alto did a great job creating this, and with DMS on casting the final result is perfect..Below is how he looked before I started painting.

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