Monday, 13 February 2017

THE CAN SOLO SAGA wars spray can sculptures

Some of you may remember previous framed editions of  Can Solo that have been put out over the last 2 years..Well, new to the store today are these spray can versions of Can Solo, who was captured for crimes of vandalism and imprisoned to stay up forever. 

Kitbashed / sculpted onto empty spray cans before painting, these 20cm tall models are one of  kind pieces that give a nod to that well known scene from that science fiction thing we alll love called Star Wars..
Each can has been burst open and depressurized making them acceptable to post overseas..This also allows the wire to be fed through the hole (which is detachable for postage reasons) and tucked under his nozzle face easily, with as little or as much slack as you'd like..

If you'd like to check these out in more detail you can head over to my store in a galaxy not too far away,  HERE...

Thanks for looking! Stay up!

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