Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Several late nights of smudging white and black paint around with a hairy stick a few weeks ago resulted in this painting being painted..Full of textures and drips, this 1 meter by 80cm canvas was started without any real plan and quickly turned into something that was going to take a long time. After recently painting up some custom spray cans where the characters had drippy paint faces, I decided to explore this idea a little more..This was almost abandoned a few times during it's process, as it took a while for it to take shape and more than once paint dried the wrong shade of grey or a drip didn't run right and annoyed my cat. 
As with every painting, hours were spent in deep concentration and things got learnt!. When focused and "in the zone" it feels like your minds somewhere else for a while, even though it's busy trying to make paint dry in all the right places and remember how it did it.. Once certain things were figured out this piece eventually became more fun to work on and I'll definitely try out this style of painting again.
Below are some close ups to give an idea of the details and textures built up during the making of this controlled mess..

Amazingly (for me) this painting has already sold and it's nice to know it's gone to a good home, in good company where there's already some of my work :) 

 After receiving some interest in this piece after posting pictures on my social media, I promised a few people that there would be a print option.. The first A3 test prints came out well which I picked up yesterday, so... 

If you'd like a signed copy of "Thinking Caps" there are some now available from the store. HERE..  Printed on quality, thick,  heavyweight, archival slightly textured paper ( which looks more like an original piece than a glossy poster print ).. Size A3 , signed and numbered.. limited to 50 pieces worldwide..

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