Wednesday, 5 June 2019


More brush strokes and paint sprays were made to dry in the shape of another one of those drippy faced characters recently...This one was painted on a 51cm x 40cm canvas with lots of layers / built up textures and like many of my most recent works on canvas, has shiny chrome and fluorescent paint that reflect light and hopefully burn retinas..

Featured in this piece is that masked character I've been dropping for the last two decades which started life from a scribble in a book all those years ago.. The concept for this painting was also born from a sketch in one of my many black books, and similar versions have been painted on walls in spray paint (at Upfest 2018) so it was nice to develop the idea further in more detail, on a smaller scale..

If this one takes your fancy and if you think it belongs on one of your walls, you can find it here ( in my Ebay store) 

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