Tuesday, 4 June 2019


The ongoing series of PreGraffalites just got added to with this latest piece called " A Happy Family - The Thread of Life, originally painted by Italian artist Giovanni Battista Torriglia (1858 - 1937). 



This old reproduction print on hard board has been carefully doctored with acrylics and remixed with a commissioned looking Family mural in the living quarters of this hard working family.. I wanted the mural to look faded and blend in with the rest of the painting,which required lots of weathering and washes as it looked far too fresh without..

The aim of these paintings is to include graffiti style artwork into them as if it always belonged there.. It sounds easy, but adding artwork around or behind already existing shapes, shades and tones of colour requires lots of paint mixing and careful choices which can't be erased if it looks wrong.. It's quite a slow process that needs quite a lot of thought and careful application mostly with small brushes.. 

Also featured in this piece is that masked man character proudly hanging on their wall, along with a few other bits of artwork they seem to like.. The chunky wooden frame got re sprayed in black, which compliments the piece and looks much nicer (in my opinion) than the original old wood and has been finished with a coat of lacquer. 

As usual, if you'd like this piece to be hanging on one of your walls, head over to the store (here) where its currently listed with worldwide shipping available..

Thanks for looking!!

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