Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Graffiti vs art exhibition...

   Last Tuesday,(18th October) was the open night for my first solo graffiti exhibition called " Graffiti vs Art".. It is/was being hosted by The Moseley Exchange and is/was on until the 19th of November..I had two, maybe two and a half weeks notice before the date of the opening, which quickly dissappeared with loads of late nights painting, drawing, thinking, sizing, cutting, mounting, and framing..

   Everything happened with next to no money, most of the frames were salvaged and re-sprayed, which took ages, one by one, in my tiny work space..I couldn't really afford to buy materials, so I had to make do with what I had around me, old pieces got painted over, I sacrificed my dust pan brush to use to get  2 big pieces of board emulsioned fast and painted everything in scraps of paint or old paint.. In other words, it was a struggle, but I enjoyed the challenge of it all..
   It all somehow came together with a little bit of help from a few of my family and friends and it turned out better than I had ever expected, considering I hadn't really spread the word or planned much. For the whole time leading up to it, I was busy focusing on trying to get at least 30 pieces done and ready to hang, which I achieved, and more, including a collaboration piece painted by me and Fluid the night before..

  I have to give a special massive thankyou to " Little A" Amy of  "AVA Event Styling" for being such a huge help and making the night so easy for me.. I don't think i could have done it without her, and if I had, it definately wouldn't have been as good..So thankyou Amy, you rock..

  The show also included a few of my custom toys and cans, a collaboration piece, "The Graffiti King of Diamonds" by me and Anna, and two of her original paintings, which I'm happy to say, sold...check out her work at http://www.annabeledevetten.com/ .
   We had cakes too at the open night, ( infact, every graff show should have cake,) lovingly made by Mrs.Bou of The Boutique Baking company and The Cake Conjurer Anna.. They tasted as good as they looked, and I can't thank you enough! Everyone commented on how nice they were, some people had to be told that it's o.k to eat them and that they weren't an art display.. Some graffiti only has the lifespan of a cake, so I found peoples reactions quite interesting to them..

   Here's a few flicks I've gathered from off the net from the open night, mainly from my dad, the moseley exchange's facebook, and my good mate wez..

My pal Trauma dropped by and made a cool little video of the open night.. You can watch this here if your interested.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgPvTNTmkM4

Thanks to everyone who came, showed support, helped and purchased stuff too !!
And last but not least, thanks to The Moseley Exchange for having me..

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  1. Hello.Your work is amazing.so much detail.i love the bears(?)4 pic from bottom.Do you make these and sell them?

    Thank You