Thursday, 10 November 2011

quick walls..

   Haven't had the chance to post anything new up on here for a while so I thought I'd do a quick upload of a few new walls and stuff I painted recently..

Quick freestyled chameleon around Fluid.. Painted using loads of scraps, with a little hoakser piece running down his back and some dinner flying around..

This piece was painted on a windy sunday morning. I only had about one and a half cans of paint, and some emulsion to use, so I got out of bed and dropped this sketchy one that reads hoaks.. Meek and Fluid were painting to my left..


  This is my piece I painted at a jam Title put together a few weeks back..Crom rocked the spider sucking the skull brains next to my letters which came out nice.It was good to see everyone there doing there thing and I think everyone would say they had a good day.. I remember it getting dark fairly quickly, as this was the day the clocks changed back an hour, and I probably spent far too long talking instead of painting..
The whole wall came out looking nice in the end..biggups everyone..


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