Wednesday, 18 January 2012

McDonalds.. The Unhappy Meal - John Henry Lorimer vs Hoakser

  Some of you may have seen a few of my doctored old paintings in the past, where I adapt / change / doctor old paintings with a graffiti influence. - as if the masters had been into graff for years.. This is my newest one, over a print of "Grandmother's Birthday by John Henry Lorimer.

Here's a shot of the original, before I got my hands on it..

I didn't have much of a plan when I started painting this. As I started doing the Hoaks piece, I decided to give all the kids a McDonands. Kids normally like McDonalds.. All of them had their heads down  praying, maybe, but you couldn't see their hands, so it started looking a bit like they were being told off. I decided to run with that, and call it THE UNHAPPY MEAL....
Below is a shot midway through my letters, where the idea started to take shape.. 

After that I decided to give them a guest appearance by the man himself, Ronald..One of the evil maids got   dressed up as The Hamburglar, while the other one donned a Grimace face mask. I left the head scarf on Ronald, to spoil the illusion for the kids - they all know he's not the real one..

   None of the kids looked too happy to have been given this treat.. Someone must have told them  Happy Meals are no good for you. This is the finished piece before I framed it and covered it in perspex..

   All framed and mounted this piece measures 63cm wide and 53cm tall.. With a nice 2cm thick wooden frame..
The finished piece is now available to buy from my EBAY store...

 I re sprayed the frame in a complimenting dark brown, and resprayed the original mount in brown too. I replaced the glass with a brand new piece of perspex, so it's shatter proof and lighter to post..

    Due to the poor lighting in my studio, and the reflectiveness of  the perspex it's behind, taking photographs of the finished item is impossible without having my reflection showing.. Which is why I took shots of it before it was mounted and ready to hang,(photographing anything behind glass or perspex always shows reflections..) This is what I mean, and how it looks all framed and mounted..

                  All images and artwork- copyright - hoakser..

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