Sunday, 22 January 2012

"UNION JACK" Dominant Species custom figure 1..

  After finishing my first two "Dominant Species"  custom figures in my last post here, I've been working on a few more, all complete with one off original sketches for each figure, and a certificate...The first two are about to go on sale..This is the first one.

   I named this one "Union Jack" - for obvious reasons. I painted him with those pants as a little nod to my giant evil bunny qee custom who had the same ones, only a lot bigger... I mentioned before how I wanted to make more with different pants on - there is a theme here... or there will be..

  Union Jack was the first one I finished, he's proud to be British and everything he sprays comes from inside..I handpainted him with acylics, after burning and mutilating him badly.. Something as graffiti artists we always try to do - burn toys! Each figure comes with its own original sketch of the characte, with a HOAKS piece and will be personalised to whoever gets in there first...

    The sketches are hand drawn by me, in pencil and white pen on quality thick A4 brown card.. These are drawn after the toys are made, I didn't work from the sketches to make these toys.

  Jack  stands 16cm tall and has articulation in his shoulders, elbow joints, wrists and knees allowing him to be positioned in a variety of poses.. This is not a toy, it's a collectable one off custom figure, complete with signed and personalised one off illustration and a certificate of realness..

 This figure and sketch is now on sale in my EBAY store  for £69.99 plus postage

Number 2 " WhyFront?" is up next...

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