Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New Maskedman painting on board - Controlled Substances -

  This piece has just been finished and added to my store...Titled "Controlled Substances"  featuring The Maskedman..This is an original painted onto a reclaimed board..

 The background is 100% spraypaint.and overlaps into the character.. I called this piece "Controlled Substance" because it has tags,splats,neat lines,fades, drips, scrapes and loads of interesting controlled mess and textures..The character is wired up to the paint he uses, as if he abuses the substances..
I drew the character straight up in paint pen with no errors or marking out.. 100% freestyled!

To take a closer look if you are interested.. Head over to my store HERE.. This piece is priced at £59.99 plus postage, and measures 70cmx50cm.. 

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