Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Stilo Sessions - video project by Wezism..Episode

   My good friend WEZISM contacted me a while ago and asked if I'd be part of his new project he was planning..Of course I said yes, so we penciled in a date for him to come and film me drawing something  for part one of his new project "Stilo Sessions"  - This will be an ongoing thing where Wez will document how people draw and do their thing in his big black book.
I was honored to be asked first and kick off this project.. It's really cool that he would do this for fun, and for everyone involved to get a video of them in action..and I knew Wez would make it look good, whatever I drew..

I scribbled a quick pencil HOAKS wildstyle outline and got to it..We were slightly up against the clock as we started a little later than expected.. I probably spent about 2 hours drawing with a break in between :) and finished just before the sun started fading.

I knew Wez was going to produce something cool with whatever footage he took, and he did...The next night he sent me a rough to check out, and the next day the final video was done..
The guy is a professional machine!! He's constantly working on something cool and his portfolio is deep...From graphics to music videos, photo shoots to documenting nights out, Wez does it all and he does it well..
Check out his links to see more of his work here

If there are any artists that want to get involved with this, and live in the Birmingham area, hit up Wez through his links above, and send him some examples of your work. I'm told there's already 12 artists lined up so expect to see a lot more Stilo Sessions...

Here's episode one (below) and some stills for you to check out.. Enjoy! and thanks for looking...


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